What a weekend. What a week. I'm glad August has been and gone. September is going quite well so far. Like the tulips in the concrete garden on my street. They sit there behind the chain wire fence, so big and waxy. Early in the morning the little silver haired woman emerges and waters her garden liberally. I'll post a picture sometime I hope.

I think my project is becoming more resolved in my mind. I wish I was one of those people that could work in layers, layers of drawings and a plethora of models. I think I let things sit. Like the pot of bolognese that's sitting on my stove. Micka's grandmother's recipe. It's been bubbling away for hours. Perhaps 6? My project sits, veiled in a heady steam of cloves and bay leaves.
Hopefully it turns out to be as elegant and considered as a good bolognese...

Murray visited on the weekend. I surrendered to the party (a voodoo party- as seen above) and enjoyed every minute when I put a stop to thinking about all the things that I could be doing (or procrastinating from) and all the things that have weighed heavy on my mind for the last little while.