The trouble with renting is that it's hard to stay somewhere longer than a year. We have been told that our house is for sale. Our future is once again uncertain!!! It was only a year ago that we got notice to vacate at beloved bowen. And so it begins. It seems that there are a few more options as last year we were in the clasp of a brutal rental crisis and there was next to nothing on the market, but now doesn't look quite so bad. New houses are always a little bit exciting, this house was such a compromise as we were right at the end of our 60 days with nothing to go to. Hopefully we find a magnificent palace where we can all fit and happily rest our weary year-per-house heads.
I'm dreaming of wallpaper and shell lanterns and cosy corners. Really all we want is space for more than one of us to lounge at a time, a landlord that does things like fix our back door within a day when it has fallen off its hinges- decayed, and a kitchen where you can reach the cupboards!!!!


amanda said...

Moving is such a hassle. You were lucky to get a place for a year, my lst three places have been 6 month stints.