so the quices are in brandy, star anise and cinnamon,
expelling their peachiness into golden warm brandy...
not sure what it will be week in six weeks time, but hopefully nigella is right.
a drink for cold nights by the blazing fire (or gas heater as the case may be)

fig jam is next... mmm. mmm. m.
on big chuncks of hot buttered rye.

for the purpose of clarification, yes there are enough figs for the whole of north carlton but you might need a milk crate or two to get to the real plump ones...
here is a map.

it is ACTUALLY* at the end of a lane on the north side of

hmm. the weather is bizarre! this morning i woke up and the view revealed upon snoozes many different moods. cloudy, bright blue and sunny, and stormy, and rainy. only ten minutes apart.

all is quiet at the quest hotel, allthe venetians are closed so tight i cant see a thing.

I have the keys to move in to my studio in my hot (cold actually) little hands and am so excited. Murray and I move in tomorrow. Then i will build nest upon nest and settle my feathers.

see you around there is lots on tomorrow...


disclaimer: was on the way home from the docter (blood suckers) when first found tree therefore there was a little glitch or two upon trying to describe exactly where it was.... sorry