top image: amazing outdoor mirror installations by Francisco Infante-Arana and Nonna Gorunova, via beautiful decay via freckle farm

middle and bottom image: The Selby

Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all.
Some friends of mine are starting a bar in Westgarth and I popped around with some tile knowledge and other knowledge and checked it out on Tuesday. This is for them.
It will be beautiful.

JULES. sister of JULIO. and GLITZERN.

For Claerwen.

photo elizabeth toll via a glamourous little side project

Still hanging on, waiting for the landing. I have been dreaming so many vivid dreams the last couple of weeks. Some good, some bad, some horrific.
Being caught between life and death was probably the one that has stayed with me.
I have to land, somewhere, anywhere and know where I am going.
Sitting on my beautiful porch this week with a dear friend over some plum wine on ice with lemon, a discussion of the future and what it holds took place. Seems they are coming thick and fast, these discussions, these days. Speaking with Lorelei last week about what constitutes 'Adult Behaviour' was another of these discussions.
Still, alighting the train when the inspectors appear at 8:21am and being late for an appointment this morning probably means I have a way to go, with the whole Adult Behaviour business.

prada backstage via this is glamourous.

A friend of mine sent me an email of Bridgette Bardot in a one piece and a cape stating that that was what she wanted to look like, "for Halloween and always".
This is what I would choose to look like, always (today anyway).
The Archetypal Man- Judee Sill

".... Archetypal- that means the mold we are all poured from. I really wrote this for an old boyfriend who, who had a lot of passion in his dishonesty... it got me... I don't know how to explain it so I hadda write a song about it..." Judee Sill (live)

Beautiful Correspondence.

via FFFFound

...take little notice. via. SwissMiss
What a ride.
Did someone say 'saturn returns' behind a disguised cough?
It seems the quarter life crises just melded into Saturn returns.
Saturn was always my favourite planet when studying the solar system.
I guess because it was the prettiest.
But now its coming 'round again in all its icy glory I wonder if all this 'returning' will actually go on until 29.5yrs approaches.

In other news.
t&a tuna pasta. Everyone has a tuna pasta recipe. Some tomato-y some lemony. Ours is salty goodness and quick. I really do eat this once a week.

I found Backyard Bill today. I think its changed my life. Or something. I also found Got a Girl Crush. But more on that later.
I love the idea of combining say, The Selby with Garance Dore. Friends, in their own place, and their own clothes.

How to have a good party...

Fun in the park yesterday with my little kaleidoscope friend.

A new room with a view! Gordon Grove last week.
Things I liked about today;

-The discussions about being elderly between the bus driver and his four
freeloading passengers on their way to the club to play the pokies at 10:30am.

-The breath of wind before the train enters into view in the subway.

-New beginnings after burying old hurts.

Things I dislike about today;

-Being disarmed and under prepared for coincidental run in's.

-Burials and goodbyes. Watching the dirt fall upon a little loved one to
the point where they are gone from all view forever.

-The way the house creaks and moans and thuds like there are one
thousand creatures inhabiting its skin.

-My constantly running nose.

Jeremy reminded me how much I love this song. So good.

New post on t&a, I think this could be my favourite so far... x