One of the prettiest dresses I have seen in a long time...

Confetti Samuel Fracois via Oh Joy

Woody. From here.

I'm so sorry, I can't remember where they came from, but they are so beautiful and I was thinking of them in amongst other amazing lights today. Here they are for you to look at too, even if they remain a dream. I will search for the source.
Others on my list of amazing light inspiration include these shell chandeliers....

via tell you (today)

top: Karla Way: Entropical Kingdom
above: Dell Stewart: Plank Scarf

Two extremely lovely ladies are in a show at Craft Victoria. I am going to get there to look I promise. You should too.

via here

Paul Newman

I've never been able to sew well. I think its patience. Which I have in droves for certain things, but not the things like sewing and craft. That's why I admire the work that goes into garments and knits.

This photo made me swoon. There is a lot of swooning to be had here really.

Shit Town Take #2

(without the party and most of the friends)
Another Man Done Gone 2:12 Odetta
Headless Horseman 3:10 The Microphones
Silence 3:11 PJ Harvey
Honeymoon Child 4:40 Bill Callahan
New Orleans 4:18 Silver Jews
I Had Too Much To Dream 2:58 The Electric Prunes
Tell Her No 2:08 The Zombies
He Said, He Said 1:04 John Lennon (Precious and Rare Vol 4)
Dive For Your Memory 4:14 The Go-Betweens
Frantic Drift 4:15 The Chills
Lisa's Mountain 2:56 Dirty Three
Somethin' Wrong 2:19 The Easybeats
Winged Rumour 4:12 Look Blue Go Purple
Shut Up 3:16 The Monks
Diary Of A Young Man 3:59 Television Personalities
Carry That Weight 1:37 The Beatles
There Is A Place 4:20 Silver Jews
Wild is the wind 6:59 Nina Simone


Is it too
weird? This new view? I was getting frustrated with the ugliness of the old, but maybe the new is kind of crazy and too sophisticated?

This is why I only cut my hair once a year. I can never decide on what on earth to do. Disasters always follow the 'do whatever you think' hairdresser encounter.

A haircut would be nice though. I think I just like the wash though, I've always been a sucker for a pat...

I'll sleep on it.

I just stumbled across the work of Fran├žois-Xavier and Claude Lalanne. This beautiful blog showed me the way. My google reader is getting heavy. But, now we have the internet at home (it only took two months! iinet!) I can keep up. Possibly the blog of the week really. So lovely.

Today I bought a little 60s formica topped table to double as a desk for my room. Working from the bed was getting tiresome. I would like a golden rhinoceros though. I don't imagine it would ever even be remotely possible in any way to get tired of sitting down to work in the belly of a golden rhino.

Pen and Jethro, Jethro was confined to arms after the great escape II

Dorothy on my dresser in 'the red corner'

Look at this! Lovely Pen gave me a pretty sparkly clutch! We joked that if you click the clasp three times and say Home Sweet Home you would get there faster than if you clicked your heels. There are lots of others in the shop. I think I touched them all, in the prettiest of vintage fabrics.
Dorothy. Welcome home.

I've been traipsing around looking for fixtures and fittings for the Gordon Grove project. Around eBay too which has been helpful. Not as helpful as having one of these stores in Melbourne would be. So many lovely things. We are using a lot of delicate fixtures to balance out some of the honesty of the materials. A balance of delicate and raw. Any tip offs from the blogesphere?

Look! Gordon! No Boards!
Apartamento. I wish I could go and get this magazine when it comes out. They don't distribute here as far as I know. Image via oh dang I can't find it! I will. Maybe tomorrow.

Just came across this beautiful blog. Ancient Industries. Speaking of industries, Pen, I bought a navy short pair and a mid length black pair of your beautiful gloves yesterday. I have been waiting all winter to get my hands into these babies. So warm! I always buy them as gifts, but this time they are for me! Whoop! Just TRY and get them off me...