I would like to get in this bed, under those white sheets, on this rainy day and stay there for quite some time.

Early in the evening at the studio.

It's been a really difficult week. Maybe one day soon I'll be able to tell you all about it.
But not now.
Song of the Day- Bill Callahan 'Honeymoon Child'

Dear Best Friends,

I wish I was in Barcelona with you, eating Jamon and dancing, in your Aparto. Please come back and retrieve me in some kind of giant golden hot air balloon captained by Ringo Starr in short shorts bathers. Assisted by Adrien Brody. I will make you many sandwiches. They will never have sand in them even when we are on the beach.

All my Love always,

The Rolling Stones via Jezebel

Some beautiful rooms from inside. I found these via one of my favourite blogs ever, 2or3things.

Amazing terrariums here. I want to make some, but it might have to wait til I have some spare time. (November!).
Demolition has begun at Gordon Grove!!!
Here is my lovely client Claerwen and her son Winter.
I'm really excited to see the space this week without the existing 80's bathroom!

I'm back at uni and this is my site. The Preston Bowls Club. It's on the corner of Murray Rd and Spring St, Preston and has been sold off to developers. I'm going to design some residential there, but I'll get a broken heart I know it when the real thing goes up.
More pictures soon.
Piennale. Was so so good. Thanks for all your pies. See here for the behind the scenes Pie Judge lowdown! More stuff soon everyone. Sorry for all the little snippets.
This blog was sent to my nerd boyfriend via Lorelei V. Her blog makes me laugh every day.