I've got sugar on my face. It's encrusted there from making some sticky lemon squares. I baked them in small loaf tins so that I could make sure every one had a crunchy chewy edge. I love the edges. When I was little I would just eat the cheesecake crust, the ones where your mum used to crush up biscuits and stick them together again with melted butter. Delicious.

I found this blog today. It's full of little things that make me happy.

I've been spending so much time on eBay, looking for 70s shoes, furniture for Jack's warehouse and furniture, fixtures and fittings for my Northcote project which will finally be under construction soon. It's a strange world on eBay. People spell things funny, the images are sideways and you cross eyed with insufficiently focused phone photographs.

I looked at a pretty house yesterday. It's kinda small for 4 people, and I have never lived around there. But the street is really nice, it reminds me of the narrow streets in Balmain in Sydney. I hope hope hope we get it. We've applied. In total we have applied for 5 houses in 2 months. We really are going crazy.


PS. I get my feathery photos back tomorrow! xx