The figs are out!!!!!

image from the collection of Sebastian Gaudard via The Selby.

I remember being little and going to the Taronga Zoo and the Sydney Aquarium. Every year that I was of school age in Sydney would result in one or two trips to the zoo. It was the only excursion that I really was adamant about going to. Quite often I missed excursions because we couldn't really afford them. But I would beg for this one, washing the car, vacuuming the house, cleaning the toilet, washing up for a week. I remember Taronga like the back of my hand. I would always stand in the dark 'hut' that housed the platypus much longer than everyone else hoping to get a glimpse, would always trek back to the asian and african elephant elcosures and compare their feet with mine. Would always marvel at the girraffes and sit watching the harbour behind them comparing how tall their necks were to the buildings of the CBD behind.
I have vivid memories of forming two lines and waiting to put our hands in 'touchy pool' at the aquarium. Me, fearless, picking up all spikey and squishy things and scaring my holding-hands partner so they squealed.

I love this image. It reminded me of all these things. Of the shadow of sharks hovering over me in the glass dome above my head. Hammerheads staring with one eye at a time. Despite its 60s restaurant charm. Imagine being a child in this restaurant?

I'm making a group of friends headdresses for a performance this
weekend. At the Camberwell markets (I've been doing a vintage clothing stall there ever so often) I just happened upon a milliner's stall with masses of coloured feathers for them!
So exciting. Will keep you updated with the results.

image by Kat Heyes via Oh Joy!

Beaches have been shortlisted for the coveted Australian Music Prize. This is exciting because this is the debut album by my very close friends, but it is super exciting because Jack recorded it. Jack put his soul and dedication into this record just as he does with all the records he engineers/produces and its really great to see it recognised in this way. Amazing.
Have a listen if you haven't heard it already.

x S

Olympia (1863), by Edouard Manet (1832-1883)

Odalisque, Boucher, 1745

I remember sitting in first year art history all those years ago at UQ and daydreaming while studying Olympia by Manet. It's definitely in my top ten masterpieces.

I kind of like the clutter in these places, and the plants climbing through the spaces. It reminds me of living in sun rooms or sleep outs in run down Queenslanders in Brisbane.
Debi Treloar via Oh Joy!

My 'last meal' would be...

Prosciutto (preferably a hunk, Jamon would do too)
Brie (preferably a gooey triple cream wheel)
Figs (depending on the season- quince paste would suffice out of season)
A baguette
And a perfectly ripe and blushing Clingstone Peach.

What's yours?

Note: Sorry for the posting onslaught. It's new policy. Blog Heaps. As is eating any of the above (heaps). The figs are nearly ready!

My friend Aaron's sister is getting married this June in Melbourne and I've been helping her out as she is new to Melbourne having been in London for a few years. Most of the sites for this wedding business are ridiculously lavish and OTT but in trawling through some I found this dinner party that I would be pretty happy to go to. Sure its kitsch, and perhaps a little twee,
(shh! don't tell Jack, it'll be evidence in my teasing, annoying, 'you are so twee sarah' 'I AM NOT' argument) but I'd definitely have a good time with a hand-made owl and some marshmallows!
I have an exciting new project coming up in the next few weeks!
I'll give you a hint:

trotski & ash



I may have posted about this site before. But geez its good. I know its a bit 'hot right now'. But The Selby is really excellent to browse if you feel like escaping to stay at someone else's house. Sometimes I imagine that I'm just hanging out at these houses. Especially the lady with the pink room & mirror. Awesome. (click on the pics to go to that shoot in The Selby)

Saipua is one of my favourite blogs.
A florist in NYC with arrangements that make my heart melt.
Not just flowers either. Art and food too.

A friend lost her parents in the fires. Another lost her house I think but I can't get a hold of her. I'll just stare at her beautiful paintings and hope that they can get through this ridiculous atrocious disaster...

update: Camilla in St. Andrews is alive, but was in amongst a property that was devastated whilst defending her partner's house.

Things are happening on the Northcote project.
The small changes to the rear stable at the back of
the house are under construction and they look gooooood.
It's so so exciting to see them underway!
These are my amazing clients during our site meeting
on Friday inspecting the new stair to the proposed studio space.
The bottom image is the timber stair to the garden
which is being protected from the sun,
before it gets its coating, by some card.

x S