Good Morning!
Happy New Year!
I'm back!
I pledge I'll blog my socks off (handmade crochet vintage socks of course) this year.
I had a brilliant celebration on NYE. Apart from the fact that my love had to go to Qld at the last minute to help his ill father with the bees. Out in Western Qld Jack is collecting hives slowly and calmly (so as not to get stung) and extracting honey. Bees are smart amazing little insects, I'll be excited to hear some stories and taste the creamy deliciousness of fresh GOOD honey.
Next week we head to ATP and then on to the beach AND THEN to Sydney ATP. I am so in need of a holiday, I'm most looking forward to sitting by the beach in Tathra and eating delicious food and swimming heaps!

Well happy new year everyone. There is something to be said about early morning dappled light playing on my curtains, distant train horns sounding at the corssings and Gold 104 with my cup of tea this Saturday morning but I'll save that for another time.

x S


dell said...

Hello, Perhaps I'll see you this year, instead of your doppelganger...
I am at ATP too, so maybe even there...

Happy New Year!

pen said...

happy new year and please blog- I've missed you.
like the honey and the be- you know yao are meant to tell them the news and your problems?
be busy as a bee