Quote of the Week: 'your arms plunging into a boiling cauldron'
Song of the week: Gerry Rafferty, Baker St
A mixtape (muxtape) for Rosie's birthday. I just joined the muxtape revolution. It's pretty fun... x

Whiling away the hours on a recent sleepless night.
Why do I always have the urge to say 'In Seattle' every time I mention Sleepless.
I still have some issues to address with regard to my conditioning, obviously.
C'mon Brain give me something better than 'Sleepless In Seattle'.

Song of the Week: 'Walking In The Rain' The Walker Brothers

Quote of the Week: "Let's have another 'MissQuiff'*"

*missquiff is a whiskey & dry cocktail invented on our recent beach weekend away at somers
these past few weeks have included the following activities:

working late into the night with murray...

...farewell-ing him at his 'mile-high' themed party...

...and then stealing his old plaid shirt and crying upon his departure.

photographing Julio (briony- the genius) for our website.

sitting around and thinking on my balcony.

gazing upon my camera-shy doe

and buying amazing owl mugs from Don Bosco on Sydney rd for 30c each.

Thats about it really. Well there have been lots of things going on in amongst all of that but I'm too lazy to post about them now. Maybe tomorrow. Stay warm. x
Song of the week: 'The Lonely Little Thrift Store' Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers

Quote of the week: "Your life is a landscape punctuated by hurt..."
My favourite site for a vintage store (they don't sell online though *weeps*) has had an update... It's looking real good...
I've been scouring Etsy.com, window shopping really, looking about at the handmade things and vintage things like I was at a famous market in Europe... so many pretty things. Here are some of my favourite stores... Oh and if any of you have some spare cash, this George Jensen number is pretty spiffy....


well there is me for starters... www.lalkaandprince.etsy.com

pretty good vintage... www.salvagelife.etsy.com

truly cracking vintage homewares boutique... www.atouchofvintage.etsy.com

more amazing vintage homewares... www.gogoabigail.etsy.com

vintage clothing and great shoes... www.vintagestar.etsy.com

always has really great boots!... www.teacupvintage.etsy.com

pretty cute vintage re-made jewels.... www.georgiavaridakis.etsy.com