a few snippets from the last weekend at somers.
what a brilliant result for the election! im so happy.
and another camping trip to kennett river this weekend!

summer adventures.


beautiful treasures from the sea...

romy and rosie and the rock pools

animals at the antique barn

tennis club

oh. jesus. im scared. im running away.
it is election day.

if not for the t-shirt above i may have lost all hope last week. jack has developed a penchant for sequins. this is possibly the best t-shirt i have ever seen. if only i played tennis. i could bedazzle my opponent with glittering distraction. it might detract from my useless flailing.

lots of good things have happened since i was here last.

i quit my job. what a relief. its was more stressful than i anticipated though.
i finish at the end of the year and i have another job lined up, i think.

i got older. and for that i got a camera as a present. and lots of excellent other things.
i think blogging will be much more interesting with pictoral representations, as opposed to me blubbering and spluttering to describe things.

well. now im off to somers- the beach! the sunshine! to mutter prayers to god that the nation might wake up and see the doddering old fool they have running the country.

ill leave you with our exciting new friend!
an excellent couch i bought at the salvo's this week....

x x