I just caught the tail end of the Guggenheim collection at the NGV. I cant say why it took me so long- its been here for months... I think that is just my style, always at the very last minute.
When seeing shows, movies, etc i try to read as little as possible about them so I can cast my eyes over them unaffected.

Whilst not reading about this exhibition I was unaware that this piece was in the show. It was a brilliant surprise. My favourite artist.

Im still wide-eyed and excited, face covered in a childish grin, like a little one who got the best toy from the bubblegum machine.

There were so many excellent pieces there that I knew about and had the chance to see in the flesh, Sol Le Witt, Flavin, Judd, Serra. I don't know what I will do when I finally get the chance to go to the Guggenheim(s). I know people came out disappointed, perhaps I am easily impressed. But I thought it was excellent.