Working working. Today i had a little time to stop. A sleep in. It's been so long!

I live across the road from a duck pond. It had families of ducks in it all last year, before it was emptied due to drought. Native ducks and English ducks. Huddled on man made rocky knobs. Families would come and feed the ducks bread during day, little faces lighting up with the delight of watching a duck snatch bread from the water, shaking it dry and gobbling it down.

In the late evening, whilest in bed at around 11pm i used to hear the 'goodnight call' a stern QUACK quackquaquaquaacck. If you see me ask for a demonstration, it was delightful.

Alas, at the end of summer the pond was empty, and i had a 'catcher in rye' taxi driver moment, where do the ducks go when the pond is empty?

During this winter the rain filled the pond slightly and to my delight a pair of ducks returned to the pond. Last week the water in the pond had a turn and was filled with algae. This happened overnight. It was emptied by the park, I guess.

Today whilst walking to my tram, i saw a mother duck and two little ducklings. Traversing the grass. Two little balls of fluffy feathers, tiny wings, huddled under the mothers rear. Sticking close to the Lawn Bowles Club hedge.

I was delighted, then at once sad, I remembered there is no water in the pond. I ran through the possibilties... buckets from the laundry?

Today I am wishing for rain and pray that it will fill the pond. So, until the little ducklings can fly, they may learn to swim.