looking forward to the eclipse

Its been a funny weekend. The sky was so so blue.
There is something strange that happens when the first days of solid sun come to Melbourne.
Couples break up, we all teeter on the edge of new life, new beginnings.

Yesterday was a funny day. I sported my 'clown' dress, with the palate of a lollipop.
Dubbed the 'colour bandit', I wandered the streets, hungover, in search of ginger beer, killer pythons and watching EVERYONE eat their ice creams. Frosty Fruits, Icy Poles and Cornettos.

I fought with my love, demanding more time from him. He is working too hard, im not working hard enough. We've been going out for a year, its heavenly, yet I selfishly demand more.

My mum is crazy.
She called me in the middle of the night last night because she knew i would answer. She lives on the Gold Coast and has just made a life changing decision to become a chef. She is working in a restaurant called 'flames' i think.

"hello darling" (slightly slurred speech)
"huh hhi mum" lying down, only just keeping phone to ear "whats wrong? is everything ok?"
"yes i just knew that if i called you in the middle of the night you would pick up... so can you call me on tuesday night? will you be home then?"
slightly enraged but too tired to talk "ok. um yeah ill be home. ill call you then..."
"kisses, i love you"
"i love you too mum, bye"
a November election