and i thought id show you my back stairs, just to lighten things up a little...
i love them.

revolving doors are my new home on st kilda road. i go to draw buildings on the yarra, where there is every kind of tie, suit, pointy pump and watermelon tee. there is a sales and marketing department where i work. there are all the printers, stationary and all the resources i could ever want.

but there are ties, pointy shoes and swipey access cards. i feel very untidy and off colour amongst these fit, corporate people.

most are nice.

its day three over.

im still not sure what i think of it all yet. i sat through a meeting yesterday and laughed, out loud, at the situation i was in. very very odd. and very different from working for the struggling architects of the city.


on other news, julio is open and nice. there is still one thing to do, which is a little thing on the wall but go, go and eat and drink. 171 miller st, north fitz.

murray is back from two months in thailand. which is very excellent.
still in love.
thats all i guess.
im glad dell is back blogging.
she makes me want to blog.