oh oh and then there was 99.


today is one of those days where the computer that i work on does that thing before a meeting and then you have to cancel. then you have to retrieve all the work you did today, somehow from the 'virtual' memory and dislodge it (i havent tried this yet).

its the shittest thing ever.

on the bright side i was looking at this lovely little blog by one stringbeanjean who had a go with yoko and john. tried that little formula that you used to justify a crush in early high school. inscribed in the front of your folder in amongst the posters of johnny depp or mark wahlberg.

i got 99% which is about right as we are stupendous.

i hope your 'straya day was fun. we had barbecues and then went and saw an odd line up which included st. helens at the tote. they were great. an all-star line up melbourne supergroup you could say...