oh dear...

its been a while.
im so up and down at the moment, my life is like a flight to hobart, one hour, ten trips a day, up, down, sideways, bumpy, soaring (enough with the analogy)... i think (know) its tiring to the people around me.

on friday night i worked til 4am. and went and banged (beeped) on the door of my love and slept. i woke to pancakes (under my onlooking instruction) and constant encouragement.
amidst the 'i cant do this' (re: uni deadline) blurry tears i got so many smiles, maple syrup and encouragement. just the right amounts of stern looks and sympathy

this is how i still exist.
people out there still have faith in me... and they love me (though im sure im trying them...) ... and that is what matters.

the cafe that murray and i (we are calling ourselves i-i) have designed is currently being built. its the first time anything that i have designed has been built without being overseen. its an amazing feeling. and nerve wracking. the rest of the project is nearly drawn...
and the cafe will be made, done, dusted, glittering, [all with flattering light so you can have dates there] and ready in 4-6weeks. see you there for ten coffees all summer.

my project is good. its a little undercooked and a little overwrought, but its good. just good though not excellent. on friday i sat at the computer with two helpers, holding back the breakdown and staring absently for 18hours. its hard. ive had enough. 7 years of architecture is too long. hanging over my head like a saggy kite with no wind.

my other projects include, a vintage clothing business and website under construction. we have been buying stock, washing, cleaning, making tags, making stamps, sorting, photographing, playing dress ups and generally having so much fun. im doing that with my friend Karen. we start on ebay this week, its a little rough but still excellent and our site will be up in Jan. and will be FANtastic. we are called Lalka & Prince.

um. thats all.

been doing a drawing a day to keep the blues away. i like drawing animals at the moment... this is a nice one...


p.s. its a coyote not a wolf.