why is it taking me so long to decide what to wear today?!

one month

things that have happened in the last month:

i have fallen in love
i have started a business in vintage clothing
i have learnt the value of garage sale'in in brighton/elsternwick
i have learnt that i too easily and quickly try to fix old hurts and it doesnt work that well
i have become more honest to myself
i have learnt that no matter how hard i try i am too easily tempted by pretty things and as a result never have any money
i have lost all interest in university
i have designed a cafe (with murray)
i have done the best drawings of my life, of little animals
i have learnt that what little i do know about music is a scratch on the surface of a hair on an ape
i have become more anxious about finishing the year and generally more anxious
i have learnt to accept compliments a little easier
i have learnt that next to most people i am insanely domesticated and this scares some people quite a bit...

i turn 25 in approximately 3 weeks.

scary. and im going to be a bridesmaid.

hope you are well blobbers.
where did the year go?