Sally Singer's home at the Chealsea Hotel. The Selby.

Sneak Peeks at the shoot I did on the weekend. Not the dappled sunlight and gangs of warriors I had hoped for, but excellent nonetheless...

I decided it needed its own amazing lauch post. Here it is. The result of a combined effort of Romy and I, Ash and Trotski, with photos by Lauren Bamford.
Enjoy. We will post once weekly, perhaps more, for your little eyes and tummies to feast on. I hope you like it. Let me know if there are any glitches or problems with the way it works...

Sorry its been oh so long.
I've been pretty busy you see.

Applying to go back to school.

Starting T&A. Read! Cook! Eat! Be merry!

Looking for a house. I would like to make a hilarious 70s nest here, alas, it is not yet time... only big four bedroom sharehouses of a strange configuration for me... Not long left to find one! We've been rejected a few times, have had a few run ins with agents and so many inspections... MAY SOMEthing come along soon!

Making a little folio. It's a start.

Getting back on track as Boris subsides.

Reading about beautiful buildings.

And the ever waiting Gordon Grove project awaiting construction!!!

Hope all is well with you bloggers!

I'll keep trying to post as soon as all things are settled!

x S