Dulux China White. (PCW.C8)
The best white, in my opinion, if you are ever picking colours.
The Sartorialist has had a bit of a lull again, but this here is a pretty great outfit. I request more! Cute girls in florals and layers and tights!

My desktop is clogged with all the things I have been meaning to post and in all my silliness i didn't write down where they were from. But I thought I would post these anyway cause its such a good room!
The trouble with renting is that it's hard to stay somewhere longer than a year. We have been told that our house is for sale. Our future is once again uncertain!!! It was only a year ago that we got notice to vacate at beloved bowen. And so it begins. It seems that there are a few more options as last year we were in the clasp of a brutal rental crisis and there was next to nothing on the market, but now doesn't look quite so bad. New houses are always a little bit exciting, this house was such a compromise as we were right at the end of our 60 days with nothing to go to. Hopefully we find a magnificent palace where we can all fit and happily rest our weary year-per-house heads.
I'm dreaming of wallpaper and shell lanterns and cosy corners. Really all we want is space for more than one of us to lounge at a time, a landlord that does things like fix our back door within a day when it has fallen off its hinges- decayed, and a kitchen where you can reach the cupboards!!!!

This week we had a bit of a Wes Anderson film festival and I saw Darjeeling Limited. A bit slow on the uptake I know. I loved every tiny second of it...

A pretty excellent rooftop.
House by NAP architects via frolic.

Images from the Sartorialist.

I found the Sartorialist a little dry for a while there, pretty suits and conservative Milan shoots but nothing that really sparked my interest. Upon going back today though, there was a February treasure trove of mixed prints, messy layers and winter inspiration!

My magical weekend. Three days at Cumberland River on the Great Ocean Rd.

I needed this weekend with my friends, to work out what the next step is, where to go from here, and what the rest of the year holds. I've been ill the last couple of weeks with my Endometriosis, bed bound sluggish and generally wishing it would end. Three weeks straight almost of pain. The only answer is to take more hormones. It's a very funny thing. Maybe I shouldn't eat free range chicken?!? Ha. There are other things to do, I got a stern word from my GP about procreation the other day. Ha! Give me a few more years, at least.

There is lots happening at the moment. The most exciting is Trotski & Ash which is being built at the moment, I'll fill you in on that soon, hint? Food and Internet.

Tonight is the inaugural Cheese Club I think. Maybe on the big pile of rocks behind Northcote Plaza, looking over the dandenongs. You have to bring your latest cheese discovery and eat so much cheese that you have cheese dreams and you present them at the next meeting.

I think that will do for today, but I'll be back soon with more news and pretty things.

x S