ooooh the pain.....party last night at the 411 studio... dancing til late and many many shenanigans...

so im hungover and at work.
sore head. sore legs. sore arms.

this weekend there is a pie festival at my house. i am the convener and administrator...
it is the 'inaugural annual festival of the pie 2007'
these are the participants pies:

Granny's Fish Pie

Boysenberry Pie

Cheese Pie

Chicken and Vegetable Pie

Lentil Pommes Duchesses Pie

Lemon Merangue Pie

Beef and Mushroom Pie

Potato Artichoke and Leek Tart
Spinach and Cheese Pie (tbc)


and there will be prizes for:

Best Presentation

Best Vegetarian Pie

Best Savoury Pie

Best Sweet Pie

Best Story/Anecdote/Fact on 'Pie'

Best Original Adaptation of Pie Recipe/Original Pie recipe

Pie Cutting Competition

i hope your weekends are as warm and delicious as mine!!!


for sleep club

SLEEP 2007 - the 21st annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies.
The Inupiat have long said that bowhead whales live for the equivalent of two human lifetimes, George said.
Alright so today I am bored.
Yes. Three. Posts.
I thought I might revise my resolutions. There really isnt much that is more depressing than re-reading some poor attempt at motivation from six months ago...

1. finish my degree
i bailed and didnt even finish my major project. i took an extra ten weeks and i still couldnt do it. it was possibly the hardest time of my life and i ruined my whole summer. i think i have only just recovered from the trauma.

2. see more movies
this is a good one! ive seen way more movies this year. ive seen so many dvds highlights being good night and goodluck, the hustler (1961), heathers. oh so so many at the cinema, too many to bang on about. ok whats next...

3. get a goddam computer
uh. still working on that baby but it gets closer and closer the more i stay in this godforsaken place (work that is)...

4. year of the debt (recovery from)
well. IVE ALMOST PAID BACK ALL OF MY FRIENDS! this is amazing. it feels great. i know it sounds like im a sucker but because i was studying and everyone was working i was taking up loan offers left right and centre. now i only have, credit card, rmit, and department of infrastructure debts...

5. get a small business grant
well this is one thing that i went to 'see about' and realised i need to have a more refined proposal fro my ebay business. so ill just try and skip this one...

6. finish my degree (did i say that already?)
even more depressing when asked another time.

7. blog
here i am. my other blogs have become null and void though but thats ok...

8. do some more art
im dappling in drawing at the moment.

9. publish some illustrations
hmm. see above.

10. complete another architecture comission
well its underway, a house in northern nsw. its going to be excellent.

11. plan a trip for 2008
well. this one is currently in a planning phase. but hopefully i can get to tokyo, NY, london, paris, rome, sicily. ambitious? me?

now i actually have to do some work...

just listened to:
Jesus and the Mary Chain- my girl;
Silver Jews- pretty eyes;
Brian Eno- needles in the camels eye...
i had a delicious weekend down the coast in venus bay, almost prom country.
we knitted, ate, played jenga, drank wine, went to kongwak markets (highly recommended) and generally lazed about staying warm in the caravan and the combi and the bath house...

romy, anna and sarah performing contemporary
dance on the beach in venus bay, depicting the
'negative pleasure' principle of Emmanual Cant and
the sublime (delicately and eloquently explained to us by natalya) ...

sarah and romy playing on the jetty in tarwin lower,
a glassy river and a frosty sunset

above: sarah(left) and romy jump for the wildlife
-note roo's in the background


If I make this post look like a list, and write it in notepad first; I will feel less shit about writing it, instead of drawing details for louvers.

- Yesterday I finished reading 1984. I hadn’t read it before. It made me sad.

- There is a lot to do at my work. Last night I dreamt of louvers.

- At my work there are very very ugly mugs. I've kept the one I like on my desk all week, everyone else puts theirs in a 'grey tub' (of course it’s grey), and they are clean and in the cupboard by the next morning.

- I bring in my own tea; they don’t have earl grey here. Just the worst of the worst: Lipton.

- I am beginning to feel sad about my job.

- Everyone here is boring.

- Very boring. Nice- now only sometimes. But boring.

- Today I brought in raspberry lollies, I was going to bring my teeth lollies, but it would be wasted on the boring people who work here. Can you imagine everyone with fake teeth sitting at their desk that would be funny.

- There is an awkward moment every time you go to get a cup of tea; there are two self closing doors. And if you have cups you have to nudge them open in a very strategic manner otherwise the door will slam and there will be hot tea, water, and some squashed grapes all over you. Sometimes when people are walking through they hold the door for you. You have to say 'thanks'. I hate holding the door open for people when they aren’t holding anything. I just give it an extra shove so it stays open for a second longer but slams shut with extra force.

- Sometimes my ipod makes me feel better.

- Sometimes it makes me feel worse because everyone knows that I don’t want to listen to them talk about footy tipping.

- Sometimes I think about making tea cups.

- Yesterday morning while I was on the most packed tram there ever was an elderly man that got on the tram at the hospital, then a mid thirties man who was red-faced and angry got on the tram and pushed all of us really really hard to get through. He pushed the elderly man. The man fell like a power pole, slow and straight. Everyone put out their hands to catch him. The elderly man put his hand to the bridge of his nose for the rest of the tram ride, in agony or in sadness/embarrassment.

- This doesn’t really look like a list anymore.

- Today on the tram to St. Kilda Rd, at Flinders St (millions of people get on here) a pretty VCA girl got on the tram and a man in a bone coloured suit got on after her, she had her back up against the drivers cabin at the rear of the tram, he got on the tram, with his back to her. The man stood in front of her and then bent, hinged at the hips, and pushed his buttocks into her stomach/hips. She was small and he was enormous. I don’t even think he noticed her.


I want to go on that big Ferris wheel where the river bends... it looks so beautiful from the
Princes Bridge every night on the tram. It explodes in multi coloured fireworks incessantly.
Reflecting in the reading glasses of other passengers.

But I've heard it’s too bright up there, and you can’t see anything for all the lights flashing
and throbbing around your flying chair.

The lost love's voice or touch triggers wanting, needing, craving in the same spots in the brain as those affected by cocaine.
I have a slither of view in the gap between the building I'm in and the building that I face.
If I crook my neck around to the left, I can see the West Gate Bridge, and if I lean forward and look left I can see the Power Station. With candy stripes on its tip. I can see the South Melbourne flats if I lean back on my chair dangerously and look left, with their 90s peach paint job.

I've been watching the clouds roll in in waves all morning. Sometimes I try and imagine the clouds like they appear in satellite images.

Looking in front of me, it’s so dark outside; I can see my reflection in the window like a mirror. My face sits insipid and translucent beyond the strands of fluffy grass I picked on site and chucked in a tumbler. The grass is at a height where it looks like its tickling my nose in the reflection. If I slouch it looks like it graces my head, an elegant fascinator.

Square fluorescent lights fly above me in rows, marching off in perfect perspective.

My face in amongst the beige, windowless, pre-cast concrete panels the building next door.

bored... again?

you know you are bored when...

you have checked your favourite blobs at least three times each and they haven't been updated.
you have planned the next FIVE weekends. breakfast, lunch and dinner.
you have wandered back and forth from the kitchen twenty gazillion times only to realise there is no way you can drink more tea, so you have to tip out the last one mid way and make another one.
after reading every single 'news wire' you email your friends about what you all refer to as 'hunger wrath' at its extreme in a pizza restaurant in California (involving a machete).
you lament lost friendships whilst drawing purple lines in your ever friendly computer program.
you sit staring out the window waiting for the sparkling trickle of lights across the west gate bridge and write the time down to see if it was different from yesterday.
you wonder why you wanted to write golden gate bridge instead of west gate, you don't know anyone in San Francisco.
you wonder if it would be annoying to call your boyfriend again on his day off... only to whisper through the mouthpiece due to the proximity of everyone around you...
you wonder if it would be that harmful to come to work hungover again tomorrow.

maybe i wouldn't be so bored then.