miranda july

these are a few of my favourite things;


watching window washers on buildings across from me

listening to music that would be completely inappropriate in the office on my ipod. eg. the cramps, sonic youth noise, the birthday party etc.

pranking people in the various other parts of the office. im sure they will catch on soon, but for now, while im new, ill do it some more.

sneaking out of the office when im hungover and eating a toasted sandwhich in an odd place across the road, coming back and no one notices.

last week;

playing uno with jack in the domain gardens in sydney and watching the 1000's of bats fly overhead, listening to their wings and sighs is beautiful

going to the brett whitely gallery in surrey hils and looking at all the beautiful things, his taxidermy birds and wind up chattering teeth

weaving through the rocks and touching all the old hand cut stone with so many stories
going to ariel bookstore late in the night time

watching tug boats nuzzle giant cargo ships filled with cars and guide them out of the harbour


eating teeth lollies, and alternating raspberry lollies and milk bottle lollies (so much better
than strawberries and cream)

earl grey tea and ginger snaps

massaman beef curry


the microphones- the singers albumn.

taking photos on my heavy 1964 RICOH camera

meeting new little babies, fleischi are your twins here?